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Kimber Fromm, Our Friend FROM the Beginning

We met Kimber Fromm several months ago at Coast Con 39 and feel comfortable calling him a friend.  He always has very precise and positive feedback.  We can tell he really wants what is best... Read More
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Theatre of the Mind…

Hey guys! We’ve transitioned from video to audio mainly for logistical reasons. The creators of this show are two sisters that live in different states. The demand of filming an 8 to 10 minute show... Read More
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The Pennsylvania Pickle Answered the Call to Action

We want to give a shout out to the creators of  The Pennsylvania Pickle  and Dylan’s Door  for giving us a review on iTunes.  We have personally checked out both web series and find them  hilarious.  Thank... Read More
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How to rate/review on iTunes

First of all I want to thank Mark Crosling for his awesome step by step guide on how to rate and review a podcast on iTunes. My tutorial comes DIRECTLY from him! Thanks dude. We... Read More
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Here’s the f%ckin’ deal

  We are going to revamp our website in addition to re-editing our videos. Life happened–which caused the long delay. THANK YOU for sticking with us. Mimi is nowhere near as patient. Read More
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Still working…

We recorded sound again. Now we have to match it up with the video! It takes a lot of attention to detail. Thank you for your patience.  Sugarcube wants you to know that you rock!🦄 Read More
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